Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Setting some goals

For the last couple weeks I had been quite busy with midterms critiques for my MFA, but now that's over, I can come back to concentrating on some new goals. I've been doing quite a lot of research and I've noticed that there seems to be a very big void within my product line and that is bracelets. I haven't made one to sell on my shop yet! That is definitely going to change, as I hope to make at least 8 new bangles before the end of two weeks. I know that is quite a goal to set, but through a whole lot of hard work, I know that it can be done. I actually made one today. I'm actually waiting for an order for silver wire that I placed yesterday, and as soon as it comes in, I'm all set to go. I will be offering onyx, carnelian, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, jade, malachite and amethyst. Here's an example of the first one:
This particular bangle has a 10mm royal amethyst, and I think it looks fantastic with a slightly matte finish. Anyhow, I will be updating the new bracelets as they are made.